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Ansel, Andy
Hilbert, John S.
Hilbert & Pope
Lissowski, Tomasz
McAlister, David
Phillips, John Paul
Pope, Nick
Ravilious & Denman
Savage, Allan
Thulin, Anders
Winsen, Joost van

Submitted by Andy Ansel
The Lazy Man’s Guide to Chess Research

Submitted by John S. Hilbert
The 1897 Franklin - Manhattan Chess Club Telegraphic Team Match
Chess Life as a Historical Vehicle...
More Recovered Chess Games: Steinitz, Pillsbury, Lasker and Capablanca
Norman Tweed Whitaker and the Search for Historical Perspective
The N.Y.S.C.A.’s Mid-Summer Meeting at Saratoga Springs 1899
One Man’s Mind by Quentin Reynolds
A Player in Search of a Biographer: George Henry Mackenzie
Capablanca in Cleveland
Napier: The Search Continues
The Queen City: George Thornton and Early Buffalo Chess
To Checkmate the Kaiser

Submitted by John S. Hilbert & Nick Pope
A New Morphy Game?

Submitted by Tomasz Lissowski
Alekhine’s Simultaneous Exhibition: Sofia, Bulgaria April 1936
Keres Plays With the Wehrmacht
A Trap for the Historian
Alexey, Brother of Alekhine
Letter from the Lodz Ghetto: A Tribute to Dawid Daniuszewski
Unknown Games of Mikhail Tal
Adolf Albin: The Teacher of Nimzovich?

Submitted by David McAlister
O’Hanlon’s First Two Irish Titles
History of the Early Irish Championships

Submitted by John Paul Phillips
The McConnell Family Notebooks, Part I

Submitted by Nick Pope
1834 La Bourdonnais-Macdonnell Matches
1843 Staunton-Saint Amant, European Championship Match?
1850 Stanley-Turner Thematic Match, Washington DC
1861 Anderssen-Kolisch, London Match
1866 Mackenzie-Reichhelm, US Championship Match
1866 Anderssen-Steinitz, European Championship Match?
1867 Mackenzie-Reichhelm, US Championship Match
1876 Blackburne-Steinitz, London Match
1880 Rosenthal-Zukertort, London Match
1881 Blackburne-Zukertort, London Match
1882 Martinez-Steinitz, World Championship Match?
1886 Steinitz-Zukertort, World Championship Match
1890 Gunsberg-Steinitz, World Championship Match
1894 Lasker-Steinitz, World Championship Match
1902 Paris, 1st Masters Tournament, Café de la Régence

Submitted by Chris Ravilious & Brian Denman
The Chess Detectives: The Sculptor’s Daughter

Submitted by Allan Savage
Caissa’s Legacy: The Great Chess Libraries
Selected U. S. Chess Libraries

Submitted by Anders Thulin
Reference Literature for Chess History

Submitted by Joost van Winsen
The Captain, The Third Time
Mackenzie Is More Than Brooklyn Can Take
A Mammoth And A Monster Too
December Evenings At Maltby House
The Winner Had a Toothache
Blackburne Blindfolded at the City Club
Blackburne Blindfolded at the City Club (2)
A Forgotten Tournament at Simpson's
The City Club's First Class Had a Busy 1881
Americans Are Evening Players
They Came from Manchester and New York
Early New York Chess Club Champions
The Ladies Made an International Move
Blackburne Blindfolded at the City Club (3)
Those 256 Men Played A "Stormy" Game

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